Work Experience



Full Stack Developer & DevOps Engineer

Implement best practices on the frontend project by:

  • introducing vitejs for a better developer experience;
  • move unit tests to vitests for a faster run;
  • implement end-to-end tests with playwright;
  • create CI/CD pipelines for linting, type checking, and testing;
  • decrease the build time by 65%;
  • reduce the build size by 20%;
  • add documentation and guidelines;

Implemented widgets on an IoT dashboard using Angular.

DevOps · React.js · GraphQL · TypeScript · Test Automation · Git · End-to-end Testing · Unit Testing · Node.js · Front-End Development



Release Manager

Schedule, manage, and coordinate releases across multiple applications.

Construct a release calendar for the different projects to have a centralized view of all releases.

Manage and mitigate risks and resolve issues regarding release quality and schedule.

Continuously monitor projects and provide reports about their progress.

Ensure all team members adhere to engineering best practices and enforce DevOps policies.

Monitor the release process and collect feedback from the different teams and customers for review.

Make improvements regularly to the release process.

GitHub · DevOps · Test Automation · Release Management

Frontend Engineer

Development of Crystallize Product Information Management SaaS.

Improve the codebase, implement new features according to the current state of the art in software development and good practices, and monitor application errors and exceptions with Sentry.

Take part in feature and roadmap planning.

CI/CD company's main product and some other side projects, like conferences and company websites.

GitHub · React.js · GraphQL · TypeScript · Test Automation · HTML · CSS · Git · End-to-end Testing · Agile Methodologies · Testing · Web Applications · Node.js · Front-End Development



Software Engineer

Development of a garage management system application using ReactJS.

Improve the codebase by introducing new ES6/ES7 features, Higher-Order Components (HOC), and applying DRY principles.

As a member of an agile team, participate in the analyses and discussion of the project's technical constraints.

Help develop another application using GraphQL, ReactJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Kubernetes, and Docker.

GitHub · React.js · HTML · CSS · Git · Agile Methodologies · Testing · Web Applications · Redux.js · Node.js · MongoDB · Front-End Development



Frontend Engineer

Facilitate new payment options in web applications through seamless integration.

Optimize web styling by introducing the SASS pre-processor.

Jumpstart mobile app development with React Native framework

GitHub · HTML · CSS · Git · PugJS · Selenium WebDriver · Testing · Web Applications · React Native · Node.js · Front-End Development

Trading Economics


Software Developer

Successfully integrate PayPal payments and Twilio SMS notifications to create an advanced notification system for financial indicators.

Refreshed the UI with Bootstrap 3 integration, enhancing the user experience of a high-traffic AngularJS application.

Developed a management interface allowing admins to monitor users' notifications and subscription status for key financial indicators.

GitHub · JavaScript · HTML · CSS · Git · AngularJS · Node.js · MongoDB · Front-End Development



Emergency Medical technician

Intervention in pre-hospital emergencies, aimed at triage, stabilisation and transport of the patient to health facilities.

Operate information and telecommunication systems.

Know how to act in situations of exception/disaster.

Driving emergency vehicles

EMT · Emergency Medical Services (EMS) · Automated External Defibrillator (AED) · Public Health

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